Get More Customers to Review Your Business

The power of online reviews is increasing. Web savvy customers continue to share their opinions online, and business owners are following suit. With competition rising all around, local businesses should take note of their reviews now more than ever.

A high number of reviews can increase your local SEO and attract new business. A Zendesk survey found that 90% of participants said positive reviews affected their buying decision, and 86% said they were impacted by negative reviews. Positive online feedback is the most desirable, but even negative reviews can help bring in new customers. Check out our previous blog post to see how negative reviews can be positively influential for your business.

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How can you get more customers to write reviews for your business? There are different ways to get more reviews, and they’re probably easier than you think.

An effective way to get more reviews is to simply ask. Proactively ask customers for reviews in a timely manner after they have purchased your product or service. This shows the customer that you value their feedback. 

Customers may also wonder what they can get in return for their feedback. Offer incentives for reviews, such as $5 off the next purchase or 10% off their next visit. This will provide a small token of your appreciation for their review, and the customer has a reason to come back again.

It is also helpful to make it easy for customers to leave a review. Make the links to your review sites accessible by including URLs on a receipt, email signature, or newsletter.

For more tips on getting reviews, take a look at the Forbes article below.


  • Word of Caution – be very cautious when incentivizing your customers – doing so violates most review site terms of service, turning a review into a paid endorsement.

    Better to use a proactive tool and set up incentives for your staff to achieve customer service achievement levels. This has the added benefit of transforming your company into a customer service powerhouse as each team member takes personal ownership or providing outstanding service.

  • Set an expectation early in the relationship that your business growth is driven by reviews and referrals and that you will deliver such an exceptional experience that you expect your clients to tell others about you (tie results to reviews). After you make good on your promise, as part of your relationship management process set aside time to recap the project and reintroduce the review and referral process. The statement “don’t keep us a secret” is a great lead in.

    • We definitely agree with you John, by reinforcing how much reviews mean to your company it increases your chances to receive more reviews from your customers.

      • So true … If we want more reviews, we should get ahead of the process by preparing our customers early in the exercise to deliver reviews.