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When the majority of online shoppers rely on product reviews to make purchase decisions, having a consistent flow of new reviews isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential. Don’t let outdated and sub-par reviews effect your online sales.

Our solution makes it easy to increase your review flow and the sharing of positive reviews on social media.

With ReviewPush, you can

Collect More Reviews

As a digital store, reviews for your products can be found all over the web. We collect them all in one, simple dashboard to monitor from a birds-eye view.

Attract New Customers

Not only is it crucial to collect customer reviews, but when your customers share their positive reviews on social media this helps increase the discoverability of your products and the consumer’s overall trust in your brand.

Improve the Customer Experience

We analyze your negative reviews on a consistent basis to help you turn bad experiences into an opportunities.

Supported Platforms

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce

Customer Journey

  1. Item Received

    Rather than reaching out when your customers haven't fully experienced your product, you can send automatically timed messages on point-of-arrival to ensure any opportunity for feedback isn't missed.

  2. Text Message Request

    We convert more purchases into reviews by making the feedback process extremely easy to complete. By using conversational text messaging, we help you get around the spam filters within customer’s already oversaturated inboxes to gather the feedback you need.

  3. Social Sharing

    When you receive a positive, ReviewPush helps encourage your customers to share their great review with friends and family on social media. By placing the review in front of the eyes of your customer’s colleagues, you’re maximizing brand awareness in a trusting environment.

  4. Real-Time Publishing

    Your new reviews can be instantly shared and streamed to your product page, helping others make purchasing decisions for similar items — all without leaving your website.

  5. Problem Solving

    If the customer’s review is below 5 stars, we then analyze the context of the review to help you pinpoint potential product blindspots that may be causing negative feedback. This way, you can improve your product moving forward and continue to grow.

Your customer reviews won't share themselves.

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