Why You Should Keep a Business Facebook Page (Even With The New Changes)

In January, Facebook announced that there would be changes made to their news feed ranking algorithm. This move was made to appease users of the platform in efforts to scale things back to Facebook’s original purpose.

The effort stems from Facebook’s attempt to connect it’s users with their friends and families’ moments more; as opposed to those moments getting temporarily silenced by a post or sponsored content from a business’s page.

With these changes made to Facebook’s news feed, many businesses are questioning whether or not there’s still value in having and maintaining a Facebook page for their business.

In addition, Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s Head of News Feed, said Facebook pages will likely see a decrease in watch volume and reach with this change in the news feed algorithm, as well.

It’s understandable that a platform originally created for sharing moments with those close to you would make a notable effort to scale things back to their origins.

Keeping these changes in mind is ideal for any business when moving forward with marketing efforts. However, users who are following certain pages that wish to see updates from can ensure these posts are seen first by altering their news feed preferences to show certain pages content first.

Change can be scary and has the power to disturb the flow of your marketing efforts. However, there’s still immense value in having and managing a Facebook page for your business. Though things are in the process of changing—as they do constantly in the tech world—there’s still room for growth and adaptation from a business standpoint.

HubSpot conducted a survey amongst 569 consumers regarding their impressions and expectations of business’s on social media. The age of consumers surveyed ranged from 18 to 60+, and the findings favored a business presence Facebook (see chart below).

Courtesy of HubSpot

You can argue with opinion, but to ignore or argue against the data at hand would be discerning for your business. Take note of the stats: it may be time to re-evaluate your approach when it comes to Facebook for business. If you’re ready to ramp up your business’s Facebook page to make it all the more engaging and relevant amongst the algorithmic changes rolling out, take these 5 reasons and run with them.

1. Keeps You Connected With Customers

When customers seek out information, a common starting place tends to be Facebook. Business Facebook pages typically populate above the fold on a Google search, therefore can generate traffic to your business page by potential customers and businesses, as well.

Having this open line of communication with customers is ideal for hearing out and resolving customer support issues, along with product updates and business inquiries.

2. Reviews

Facebook has quickly turned into a viable resource for online reviews of businesses. Facebook is like a networking haven waiting to be tapped into by consumers and businesses around the world.

Business pages open the door for organic customer engagement and feedback, allowing you to nurture the developing community around your brand.

Users can share their experience with your business, seek the advice of those who have been involved with your business and find testimonials regarding your product all in one place: your Facebook business page.

3. Brand Awareness and Advocacy

Having a platform such as a Facebook business page allows you to promote your original content and research out to your followers, their followers, and so on; building up brand awareness for your business.

Facebook business pages allow the focus to be placed on customer engagement and support, rather than the sale; giving consumers the time required for them to build a foundation of trust to be associated with your brand.

By sharing feedback from past or current customers of yours in social posts, you’re creating a sense of authenticity and trust that’ll now be associated with your brand; something extremely helpful when it comes to engaging with potential clients.

4. Drive Traffic to Site

Sure, there are numerous ways outside of Facebook that can lead consumers to your site, but not utilizing Facebook as a platform to do so will likely negatively impact your site traffic in one way or another.

Since many are familiar with the platform, they’re aware and skilled at using it. Translation: they’re engaged. How does one turn engagement on Facebook into a conversion for site traffic? Simple: Customized ads and links to landing pages of your choice, to name a few.

By placing ads and promotional posts on the feeds of your target market and at the top of your Facebook business page, you’re navigating where you want the consumer’s attention to be drawn. You can also attach links to your posts you’ve promoted out that lead to a breakdown of your brand or product, as well as your original content that’s been created in efforts to educate and drive conversion rates.

When you send out links to your site, make sure you’re doing so in an engaging way. Just throwing a link in a post and hoping it gets clicked without an enticing write-up likely won’t generate much traffic from your Facebook to your site. Craft up messages that are catered to your niche and promote engagement with visitors to your business’s Facebook page.

5. Stay On Top of Trends

In the digital world, there seems to be new lists of trends and best practices created and pushed out into our inboxes and news feeds on the regular. Staying up-to-date can be a bit of a challenge, but far from impossible.

By linking your business’s blog to your business’s Facebook page, you’re opening the door for conversation about the topics you’ve written in depth about; an effective way to get a pulse on consumer opinion in or around your niche. By doing this, you’ll be able to knowledgeably reformulate your best practices and potentially redesign your marketing strategy where necessary.

Facebook isn’t a new tool, meaning countless numbers of consumers are engaging with endless amounts of content on their news feeds daily—including your business’s. To not be on a platform as such where you can generate and join in on conversations would create a divide in your current marketing’s effectiveness.

Get ahead and stay ahead by adhering to the changing ways of the Facebook for business world.




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