Why Social Media Matters for Your Online Reputation Now More Than Ever

There is no way around it. Social media and online reputation are almost synonymous at this point. This is quite exciting because of the opportunities it presents, but it can also be a bit intimidating. After all, no one fully understands social media, and yet everyone uses it. There are a few ways, however, that you can use social media to enhance your online reputation.

Using Online Reviews as Social Media Content

By repurposing online reviews, you can ensure that your best reviews are seen by the most potential clients as possible. An easy way to do this is to simply take the text from your reviews and create a post that will fit well with your Instagram or Facebook aesthetic. Another way that has begun to trend is to actually reach out to your customers who provided favorable reviews, and ask them to film them discussing their experience with your company. People like to know what real people think of your company, and although text forms are helpful, trustworthiness is built when people see the faces and hear the voices of satisfied customers.

Encourage People to Visit Your Review Sites Through Social

This is almost the exact reverse of the previous point. Instead of fashioning social media content out of online reviews, you can use social media to encourage people to visit your review pages like yelp etc. This may also encourage people who have done business with your company but never wrote a review, to finally submit one. By pairing this technique with the previous one, you can create a constant stream of encouraging new reviews and utilizing old ones. 

Reach out to reviewers and encourage them to follow your social accounts

By tracking your reviews through services like Review Push, you can easily turn positive experiences into social media growth. Not only will this help grow your social media accounts, it will also remind your customers that you care about their feedback and will result in even more repeat business and bolster your word of mouth marketing. 

Since social media and online reputation are so deeply connected, it is vital to connect your positive reviews to your social media accounts, and vice versa. If managed properly, social media platforms can become a driving force in new client acquisition and continued satisfaction for current customers.

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