Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses in Your Community

The ReviewPush team is dedicated to support our Black family and friends. Our objective is to amplify the voices that need to be heard; and make our personal actions in this fight for equality count. We would like to continue urging our customers and virtual audiences to extend your support to Black-owned restaurants and shops in your community.

One of the greatest impacts we can make as individuals in this battle against injustice, is choosing to seek out and support Black-owned businesses. Many incredible Black companies are often overlooked and ignored in saturated marketplaces. Now is the time to highlight these Entrepreneurs and find ways we can support them on their business journey.

Find Black-owned Businesses:

ReviewPush currently offers an extensive list of Black-owned businesses to support in the Austin, TX area. However if you are not local to Austin, you can find Black-owned businesses in your area through this Forbes Spotlight of 75 Black-Owned Businesses to Support. Additionally, local business groups such as Washington D.C. Economic Partnership and Central Ohio African-American Chamber of Commerce also maintain updated lists of Black-owned businesses.

There are apps, such as EatOkra to find black-owned restaurants, and websites like We Buy Black and Official Black Wall Street that you can follow as well. 

One of the newest tools for finding Black-owned businesses is The Nile List, which went live in March. Robinson, a 31-year-old lawyer who specializes in international trade issues, created the site with the millennial consumer in mind. Robinson vets businesses to make sure the owners really are Black, and keeps an eye out for “blackfishing,” when businesses market to Black consumers on the false premise that they’re Black-owned.  (Source)

Write an Online Review

Outside of making purchases at a Black-owned business, consider giving your support to the corporation by writing a review of your experience there. Online reviews are the closest resource our communities can use as word of mouth recommendations from complete strangers. Writing a review for a Black-owned business in your community can help other individuals become more aware of the product or service offered there. 

Here is a great app that can be used to write reviews for Black-owned businesses:

  • Black Nation – “Black Nation is a Directory and Social App for Black Businesses and their Customers. It allows you to find and support Black Owned Businesses in your neighborhood, the county and in other parts of the world.”

Highlight a Black-owned Business on Social Media

Are there some amazing Black-owned businesses that you’ve been interested in trying out but have delayed visiting due to the on-going pandemic? That’s completely understandable. In the meantime, you can show support by following their business pages on social media, liking their posts, and engaging with their virtual stories. 

Additionally, highlighting Black-owned businesses on your personal social media pages or stories is a great way to get your friends and family connected to a great Black-owned company that they may want to support as well.

Donate to Important Causes

If there are no nearby Black-owned corporations in your area, consider making a donation to a cause that aligns with themselves with Black Lives Matter. This National Resources List is accessible at all times for those considering making a donation.

2020 has been a year of constant change and reflection. Many have started to think on how they make their purchasing decisions; whether it be based on convenience or what’s right or wrong. If we as a community are serious about giving equal opportunity to Black entrepreneurs, we need to literally “put our money where our mouth is”. As a business owner, marketing manager, customer, or whatever perspective you hold, be intentional with your actions and make them count.

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