3 Ways ReviewPush Improves B2C Relationships

Connection: the glue that holds all of your relationships together. The thing you look for when searching for the perfect piece of art, at a company you’re interviewing for, and in the business world: customer relationships.

This brings up the need for adaptation in the workplace for businesses worldwide as executives and marketing managers aim to spark the type of connection that leaves them wanting more. But how do you connect and conversate with customers — former, current and future — when everyone’s speaking their minds and retracing their experiences in so many different places and ways?

For consumers in 2019, having direct access to some type of responsive communication platform isn’t just a want, it’s a must. In our current economy, people have shown and spoken out on their needs. Consumers have publicly advocated for companies that do have stellar Business-to-Consumer communications and customer service.

Direct Communication

An excellent starting point would be to start internally planning and prioritizing this element of your customer’s experience. This includes amping up direct customer support and contact with real peoplenot an automated phone system.

With the ReviewPush customer experience and reputation management platform, customers have multiple avenues (such as direct email) to directly connect with customer service, success and support, as well as a number to dial into with a human being on the other line.

We understand that having direct access to those who run the platform you use to manage your reviews, support tickets and much more is crucial when it comes to picking the best product for your team. This is especially true should you have any technical difficulties. Our customers have the ability to contact us at any time of day regarding support needs or account questions. More importantly, they can expect to be contacted within 24 hours of reaching out.

Universal Dashboard

Struggling to manage, review and respond to the numerous reviews located on various platforms is not an uncommon experience for any type of company. Your business’s presence is likely location on a plethora of review sites, some you may not even be aware of.

Regardless, customers are able to find, comment and leave feedback on any review site where your company has a presence.

If you miss those reviews (i.e. don’t respond), it could affect your standings in the eyes of that customer, and various other customers who will stumble upon those unanswered reviews on various different review platforms. Here at ReviewPush, we’ve done the extensive research and have spoken to numerous consumers in order to keep up with the speed of digital; not just for us, but for our clients, too.

With the ever-expanding and metamorphosing landscape that is the internet, it can feel impossible to stay on top of and respond to every review that comes in — no matter the platform.

With ReviewPush, you’ll get the customer service you need by being walked through the dashboard step-by-step. Here is where all of your reviews across the web that you’ve selected to track will live. By having a dashboard that universally collects feedback from various platforms, even the niche-specific ones per industry, you and your team will be able to easily see where there strengths were and where they need to re-evaluate and replan.

Additionally, by having all of your reviews on one place, you’re able to see how many reviews you have, and can assign responses to different members of the team when necessary. This way, all of your reviews, positive or negative, are ensured to be responded to; benefiting your ratings and return rate with your customers.

Email and Text Messaging Capability

It’s one thing to be able to appear in your customers email inboxes x-hours post engagement or purchase.  Yes, this is still an effective method to gather customer feedback. They’re likely browsing the internet a few hours after their engagement with your business, and will likely have the experience still at the front of their mind, and the time to spend providing minimal or maximum feedback regarding their time with your company.

Email feedback requests are one of the ways our ReviewPush team recommend utilizing as a part of our platform. This year, we’ve stepped up our feedback request game, and have moved into the world of mobile.

Some consumers check their emails from their mobile device, which people generally have on hand. Yet, they may not all have their Mail set up, or perhaps don’t maintain or even check their inboxes on their phones or computers. This isn’t everyone’s priority, and we understand. That’s why we’ve added the ability to send customer feedback requests via text message within a certain time frame from their time spent engaging with your company.

This way, you’re connecting to them wherever they are, whenever they check their phones. If they have accounts such as Google and Facebook connected on their phones, it’ll be that much easier and efficient to leave feedback.

Having a plan on how to handle feedback and ensure you’re using the negative reviews effectively is one of the best ways to ensure your communications are strong with your customers. By engaging with consumers in response to their feedback, you can get to the root of any negative or mediocre experiences, and become the best business you can be. ReviewPush strives to help you tell your story and connect with your customers the best way we know how — through communication.

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