Twitter Tips: Don’t Make These Customer Service Mistakes

Twitter is an extremely useful tool for business, but it also requires a lot of work to use the platform in the most beneficial way. It’s easy for a business to make mistakes using Twitter, and many businesses have taken huge hits due to the posting of inappropriate tweets. To offer good customer service through Twitter, businesses have to keep in mind that everything they post says something about their brand and their company, and it will be taken seriously! The more you focus on content, the better customer reviews you’ll get, making review management easy. So while this post doesn’t tell you exactly how to get twitter followers, it does advise against certain tactics that could cause significant damage to your business. Here are three Twitter mistakes you need to avoid.

Twitter Tips: Don't Make These Customer Service Mistakes

Don’t Give Everybody Access to Your Account

You should be very careful when it comes to giving people access to your Twitter account. Various companies have made the mistake of giving access to employees that end up posting tweets that are damaging to the business. An example of employee tweets gone wrong was when a StubHub staffer posted a tweet that included vulgar language, and ended up attracting much unwanted attention for the company. Whether or not the tweet was a mistake, an employee who posts anything negative about the company they work for should not have had access to the company Twitter account.  Read more about how to manage if and when this mistake happens to your company in Pam Moore’s article, “KitchenAid – Bad Tweets Happen to Good Brands Who Don’t Manage Social Media Risk Properly”.

Taking Advantage of Unfortunate Situations or Events

During an emergency or a tragic situation, a company should not be focusing on using this situation to further their marketing campaign. This seems really obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of companies who’ve made this mistake recently. Many brands used Hurricane Sandy as a way to promote themselves, which came across as insensitive. Gap made a comment about using to shop during the storm, while Sears went even further, advertising generators, air mattresses and more. However, there were many companies that donated to the cause.  Sparefoot, an online marketplace for self-storage headquartered in Austin, TX, decided to donate a free month of storage to families and individuals in need of a temporary space to store and protect their belongings. Taking advantage of others’ misfortunes is never a good idea, so don’t make this mistake! You’ll only lose credibility in the long run.

Spamming Your Followers

Spamming is the quickest way to lose followers. It’s an easy way to guarantee bad customer service. People are on Twitter because it’s a social network that allows for easy and quick communication with friends, celebrities and businesses. Companies that send out posts that are nothing more than advertisements are definitely making a mistake. An example of this is when Toyota, during the 2012 Super Bowl, created accounts on Twitter from which they sent out Toyota promotions using hashtags related to the Super Bowl. These promotions had nothing to do with football, and yet they showed up in feeds about the game. This kind of thing is an easy way to annoy customers, who don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to.

There are the three common mistakes that businesses make on Twitter. From a StubHub staffer who hated their job to a marketing mishap by Toyota, these are real-life examples that can easily damage the reputation of any company, causing terrible reviews of a business. Remember, Twitter is all about creating relationships with your customers, so think about how your customers are going to respond to each of your posts.

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