TripAdvisor Has Instant Reservation Option for European Restaurants


TripAdvisor recently acquired European restaurant booking platform lafourchette. The popular online review directory has quickly integrated lafourchette’s inventory of more than 13,000 restaurants.

On September 18th, TripAdvisor introduced Instant Reservation, which gives patrons access to make table reservations straight from the site for participating restaurants.

Diners were previously directed to the lafourchette site to make dining reservations, rather than having the ability to book a table straight from the restaurant’s TripAdvisor page.

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This move toward easier booking puts TripAdvisor in competition with the largest online reservation platform and popular restaurant review site OpenTable.

Although Instant Reservation is currently available for only participating restaurants in Europe, all 2.3 million restaurants worldwide with TripAdvisor listings will eventually be encouraged to participate.

Restaurant owners across the globe will soon be able to offer TripAdvisor’s online booking option. Diners will be able to book reservations conveniently from the restaurant’s TripAdvisor page. Stay tuned for the release of Instant Reservation in other countries! 

To read more about Instant Reservation and how it works, visit the link below.


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