ReviewPush: Our 2020 in Review

Many words can be used to describe the year 2020. It’s been a challenging year for many in a multitude of ways. For our company, we’ve chosen to view this past year in a positive light. As a team, we’ve worked hard to continually provide the best product and service to our loyal community. For us, we’ve chosen to mark this year as a year of moving forward— forward in improving our product, forward thinking, forward in pushing through challenges the world as a whole is facing and more. 

Here is how our team has adapted and grown through out this unprecedented year:

Adjusted Our Team Workflow

When the Pandemic first hit in March of this year, the volume of the work-from-home job force grew exponentially. Our team was quick to implement protocols and tools that allowed our already partially remote team to completely move into remote work. 

Fortunately, for our customers, we were able to cover how to monitor their online reputation from the safety of their own homes while adapting to the surprise business changes caused by sheltering in-place and the need for social distancing. Check out these kind words from one of our customers:

“With 85 locations and growing, ReviewPush has made managing our multi-unit restaurant brand’s online reputation a breeze. It’s simple to understand, easy to use, and a massive time-saver. The incredible support team is always willing to jump in with a unique solution when necessary. ReviewPush is the gift that keeps on giving.” 

– Vanessa

Continued to Grow Our Community & Product

At ReviewPush, our main goal has always been to streamline and simplify online review management for businesses and brands; regardless of size or industry. We believe that companies shouldn’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops just to catch a glimpse of what their customers are saying about their experience with their business.

Even with many businesses hard hit by the pandemic, 435 (and counting!) new business locations have started utilizing ReviewPush this year. Due to the growth in our community, we offered a resource that completely covered the basic fundamentals of our product. Additionally, we built out a Support Library Resource for all our trial users and current customers. 

Highlighted Review Platform Changes

Many popular review platforms optimized their features in response to the on-going global pandemic. Two big changes that our team noted and highlighted were the following:

Google’s 2020 Review Expansion

“One of the more positive changes that has impacted the business landscape is Google expanding review attributes earlier this year… By pushing out new review attributes, as well as adding new features for the hospitality industry, this expansion “gives Google even more data about the businesses using its platform, opening up future ranking possibilities and solving the problem of ratings-only reviews.”

TripAdvisor’s Contactless Menu Feature

“TripAdvisor has launched their new “Contactless Menu” Feature. This feature was produced following their Travel Safe Feature which Cleartrip and TripAdvisor are both utilising. This Travel Safe Feature allows their platforms to inform travellers about the safety measures adopted across destinations, hotels and restaurants.”

Celebrated Company Wins

Though the year has brought many challenges, our biggest highlight was making the annual Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States for the third consecutive year. Only 1 in 5 companies make the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row, so our team was very happy to have achieved this milestone!

Though the year has been the living definition of unprecedented, we’ve held firm to hold to our value of putting the power back into the hands of our customers by providing an intuitive and automated platform with features and functionality they need to put their best foot forward. We’ve chosen to be grateful for the growth and challenges 2020 has offered. We look forward to bringing forth more value to our customers in 2021!

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