Recent Update: How Apple’s New Notifications Benefit Your App Team

Many are keenly aware that today’s new normal greatly differs to what it looked like months ago. Though the changes in day-to-day routines and business practices have been a challenge for many, there have been good things that have come out of the recent shifts. If you haven’t already heard, an update has been recently announced that Apple is now notifying users when companies respond to their app reviews! 

Why is this beneficial for you and your team? 

In the past, online reviews have felt like an echo chamber, but now customers can be made aware that your team is, in fact, listening. This latest improvement keeps your app users in the know of when you respond to their feedback, which in turn highlights the four following details:

  1. Your company cares and actively listens to your customers’ feedback.

  2. If your team responds within 24 hours to a new review, it shows that your company’s intent is to ensure your customer has a positive experience with your app.

  3. Reviewers with positive feedback will be notified of your appreciative response which can add to their already favorable experience.

  4. Reviewers with negative feedback will be notified of your response which can show that you are mindful of their critique and have solutions to offer.

Additional changes to note include that Apple will notify users of Developer responses through both email and push notifications. Within the email notification, there are helpful clickable call-to-action links such as “update your review” and “contact the developer”.

This fantastic update transforms app reviews from feeling like a comment section and turns it into a conversation between your company and the customer. The goal for any B2C company is to always keep communication central. By effectively conversing with your app users, you are able to call attention to the value both your app and support team have to offer. This more direct line of discussion helps to humanize your company’s online reputation. It assists in letting patrons know that there are real humans who care working within your organization.

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