How to Pivot Review Strategy in Times of Uncertainty

Question of the day: How can we formulate strategy in the face of uncertainty?

That’s the fundamental question leaders must ask as they prepare for the future. And in the midst of a global pandemic, answering it has never felt more urgent. During these uncertain times, there’s no time like the present to review and update your marketing plans moving forward into Q4 and onward.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to pivot your review strategy during these times of uncertainty:

Be Prepared to Learn & Pivot

With the dynamics of everything in the world so rapidly changing the work environment, it is vital to make sure to measure, monitor, and formally review ongoing progress. At the start of the pandemic, we initially were working off assumptions. As time has progressed, we’ve been able to test these strategies in the real world and now have more data and experience to prove or disprove these ideas. The vital lesson that should be noted from this process is that we’ve all realized the importance of being agile with both vision and strategy when unexpected things happen.

As we work toward long-term goals, we must be attentive to both the strong and faint signals our companies receive. Speed and agility are key in this process. We must learn quickly, constantly pivoting and adjusting. In doing so, we’re able to revise our visions while continuing to shape them.

Establish Effective Communication in Your Team Workflow

In order to keep your team in sync, establishing consistency and clarity throughout all aspects of your communication is key. This is especially important for remote teams.. 

ReviewPush offers a great workflow that can be set up for larger corporations between managers and marketing representatives when responding to their online reviews. This workflow can be set up with ease! Plus, our amazing support and success team are always available to help assist with the set up of this workflow.

Review Your Resources

Is it time to evaluate your marketing tools? Have your resources adapted along with your newly adjusted team workflow? It’s important to ask if the resources your team is currently using work or recognize that your team may need to adjust the tools they’re using.

At ReviewPush, our main goal is to streamline online review management for businesses and brands; regardless of size or industry. If it’s time to adapt your online reputation management tools, consider using our robust tools in order to further grow your business. With ReviewPush, you will always be kept in the loop regarding your online reputation. Big or small, we’ve got you covered!

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