Old-School Marketing Tactics That Bring Results

The rise of digital marketing in today’s global economy has many companies throwing away any and all ancient marketing strategies that were once heavily utilized. Facetime has been replaced with tweets back and forth; or words are entirely forsaken with the use of an infamous Instagram ‘like’. No matter which way you cut it, it’s impossible to ignore digital’s takeover in the marketplace. While the percentage of internet users worldwide continues to climb, reaching those far and wide corners of the world is becoming more plausible as time goes by.

However, more than half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to or hardly utilizes the internet. With merely 47 percent of the world having access to the internet, those traditional tactics that so many have forgotten or ignored should be used to your vantage point in every way possible. Just because it’s the digital age doesn’t mean you should throw best practices that bring best results to the wayside.

With that being said, you should in no way through all of your digital marketing efforts out of the window. They are not only effective, but also easily adaptable; something essential in the rapidly growing economy and world we’re all a part of. According to a survey done by Econsultancy, only 22 percent of businesses are getting the results they’re happy with in their digital marketing campaigns; a sign proving the age-old saying that not all that glitters is gold.

When it comes to planning your marketing strategy for the new year, there are some valuable techniques that will generate higher conversion rates for your point of sale; regardless of what industry your business is in. While it’s important to incorporate new-age, modern tactics into your strategy; it is dire to include a few of the following tested and true classics.

1. Word of Mouth Referrals

Though you may have heard that word of mouth has been replaced by the world of online reviews, that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in word of mouth referrals. A tactic that’s always effective and validating, word of mouth referrals take the work out of your selling point. How, you ask? Think about it: they come from trusted sources to consumers, and if they’re given, the consumer has already bought into the idea behind what your business has to offer. The word of mouth referral is that extra sale or conversion you didn’t expect, but received anyway. Remember, just because someone heard your company was the best of the best for the service you provide does not mean their investigation ends there. For that reason, it’s crucial that your online reviews and customer service are up to par, because after they’ve received that word of mouth referral, they’re likely going to Google search your business for further validation.

2. Signage

This is a total shout out to the importance of branding, even if it’s done digitally. Signage helps create a connection between consumers and your business, and shows people who you are before they know what you do. Creating a connection through signage means you’re showing consumers who you are and/or where you’re located, whether or not they were initially looking. It also creates a lasting impression, as they’ll soon begin to associate your logo with your brand, and that imagery will stay in their mind for years on end. If you haven’t yet branded your business or created any form of signage, make sure you work with an experienced company in this vertical to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

3. Promotional Gifts

This is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategy around to ensure you’re providing consumers with a lasting impression. Think about it: when you go to the store, and the store gives you a bag branded with their company name and logo on it to go along with your purchase solely for marketing purposes, that bag is likely going to stay with you for years on end. Cities are turning more and more to reusable bags ordinances, and providing consumers with something that’s free to them and branded with your business’s signage not only provides them with an immediate use of your gift, but also grants your business years of attention. Not only does the person utilizing the gift get an unobtrusive reminder of your company; numerous members of their community do, as well. This is free advertising at your disposal, and to not jump on an idea with no hit to your advertising budget would be a disservice to your business.

4. Mailing Lists

Just because your business doesn’t send out postcards or physical letters doesn’t mean you should abandon the idea of collecting points of contact from your customers and consumers whom your services have peaked an interest within. With the rise of digital comes the use of emails in place of letters, and having a mailing list to send promotional gestures and company updates with is definitely in your best interest. Not only is this something to incentivise customers and consumers alike, it’s also a great way to send out a friendly reminder of your business’s existence, and plants a seed in their memory for future reference (or better yet, drives them to convert)! Having a mailing list to reach out to in a snap is ideal, as this is a direct connection between your business and your target market.

5. Real Conversations

In a world where so much is said and done by way of social media, the idea of having a real conversation where you can actually hear the other person has nearly been forgotten. However, connections can be hard to make over the internet, and if you can’t hear the tone of someone’s voice, how can you truly cater your response to their needs? In the end, nothing can replace the real deal, and this goes for conversations, too. Think about it: ads are everywhere on social media these days, right? Do you know what isn’t? Human interaction. Product specialists can gauge interest and steer the conversation in a direction that interests the client. They’re able to create a connection that would likely otherwise not exist over email or in tweets back-and-forth. No, you don’t need to model the lifestyle and tactics of a telemarketer, but you should have someone on-staff that can speak directly to current and potential clients.

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