How to Increase Your Point-of-Sale eCommerce Reviews

Consumers of 2019 are getting smarter and more savvy with the way they research companies, products and different ways to get the things they need. You can promote the idea of a glorified customer experience (cX) around your eCommerce business and still fall short in the eyes of consumers you’re trying to sway. Key terms can only get you so far when consumers are looking for actions on your end from the other side of the screen.

Point-of-sale reviews, or those made directly after a product is received by the customer via delivery, are the fuel to any eCommerce site’s fire. If a customer’s online experience with your eCommerce website was stellar, the prime time to reach out for their feedback is right as or soon after their experience comes to an end. With the memory of the service provided and the usability of the site fresh in their mind, sending a feedback request at the point-of-sale offers a higher likelihood of the customer providing their feedback and reviewing your site and/or products.

The benefits of gathering point-of-sale reviews and additional feedback are fairly obvious. By connecting with your customers right after they’ve received an item or had an in-store or on-site experience with your company and/or brand, the experience doesn’t have to be drawn on by long-term memory. Rather, it allows you to capture the essence of providing products and services that make an impact. By collecting that impact via reviews, you’re opening a door that may not have existed prior; one that numerous consumers have the keys to, but they may not have known exactly where the door — or URL — to your business was.

The main question here is this: how do you acquire these extremely valuable and telling reviews from your customers without nagging them or creating a reason to unsubscribe from your alerts? The answer may be much simpler than one would assume, and it takes utilizing numerous engagement tactics. ReviewPush’s technology is formulated and updated with our customers in mind, especially as eCommerce continues to rise and dominate numerous consumer domains.

Messaging With Purpose

It is one thing to “solicit” reviews from your previous and current customers at random, and another thing entirely to strategize your outreach approach. For this, utilizing, creating and sharing content that your customer base relates to and can find motivation within is essential. With the ReviewPush solution, we’ve integrated SMS and email review request messaging directly into our software.

This makes it easy for you and your team to customize and make your own. After all, no one knows your customers as well as you do, and at ReviewPush, we understand this notion. Create your individualized messaging that your internal data has proven will resonate actionably with your consumer base. You also have the freedom to customize your approach and scheduling of feedback request messages that best suits your business and your customer’s expectations.

Conversation > Clicks

While tackling low-hanging sales fruit that’s embedded within the pay-per-click (PPC) world may bring you some odd number of sales, the quality of the sale and the longitude of your consumer-business relationship may be less than ideal. Relying heavily on low quality sales efforts and tactics shouldn’t be the brunt of your business.

Yes, getting clicks that bring consumers to your business’s Instagram page, twitter feed or website can be a good thing, but what happens after the consumer gets to your feed or homepage? If there isn’t content that generates a conversation either with your product or social media/marketing teams, you may be losing out on thousands of possible qualified  leads.

By opening the gate to communication on all of these platforms, and then some, you’re not only increasing your business and brand’s visibility, but you’re educating those who need your service or product, showing them why and explaining how it works. Real engagement will bring you quality leads, which increases profits; and no one should feel discouraged by that.

If you’re a business, digitally or brick-and-mortar, ReviewPush has the solution for you to increase not only engagement and visibility, but also the number of positive, timely reviews. When you win, we all win.

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