Google’s New Local Search Results Reduced from 7 to 3 Listings


As one of our go-to resources for the latest SEO news, Search Engine Land reported, Google this week updated their search results so that three businesses display under local business listings for any search on Google.  Previously up to seven businesses along with their address and phone number were shown as part of a given search.


An additional click is now also necessary both on mobile and desktop to get an individual business’ phone number as phone numbers do not currently display for the new Google 3-Pack.

How this May Affect Your Business

Businesses listed as the lower four of the previous 7-pack for any search are clearly affected as they no longer display on a completed search. For businesses with multiple locations, taking advantage of organic search tactics will be as important as ever. Setting up and monitoring your local profiles and most importantly, having your own review portal can be part of your plan. Contact ReviewPush today to get started.

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