Google Makes it Easy to Showcase Your 5-Star Google Reviews

Have you ever wished there was a way to instantly promote your business’s raving 5-star reviews on a banner or display them in your storefront window? Google has taken the work out of the process for businesses just like yours with a little something called Small Thanks with Google. Never again will you need to contact a designer to format posters in various sizes, fonts and colors, as Google has streamlined this entire process for people just like you.  This is the perfect way to show off your numerous star-studded Google reviews to society in a new and vibrant manner.

Though it’s currently  only available to your clientele in the United States, it gives you the opportunity to market yourself out in an innovative way. Customer reviews are vital to the growth and sustainability of your business. With 91% of consumers utilizing the existe  nce of online reviews, make it easier for them to get a birdseye glimpse into just what your business can do for them by showcasing one of your numerous 5-star reviews both publically and creatively. Reviews are what keep your business moving forward, and with the helping hand from Thanks with Google, you’ll increase credibility for your services thanks to social repertoire. Positive reviews take the anxiety and worry out of the minds of consumers, reassuring them of their choice to invest in your business’s products and services.

To utilize Small Thanks With Google, simply visit the homepage and type in your business’s name in the search bar, as seen below:

Next, you’ll have the choice to select which banners you’d like to proceed with, and are also given the option to create and customize your own. This allows you to brand your posters in the appropriate manner according to your business’s brand guidelines:

After you’ve selected which prints you’d like to move forward with, you’ll be given the opportunity to share your 5-star review banners via your social channels, or to print them. With printing, you’ll be given the option choose what proportion you’d like to be created for the print prior to moving forward:

This allows you to create banners where necessary or poster-sized images to place on signs in front of your business if so desired. Ultimately, Thanks with Google is an easy way to showcase to the public who your business is and what you’re capable of by verified word-of-mouth. Carrying on your business’s good looks has never been easier or more accessible. So: what are you waiting for?


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