Four Ways to Encourage Customers to Leave Online Reviews

Every minute, all around the world, people are having excellent product and service experiences. Then why aren’t they writing online reviews? Simply, people need encouragement! Read on to learn four simple ways a business can generate more online customer reviews.

Four Ways to Encourage Your Clients to Leave an Online Review

Have a Happy Customer? Ask for a Review!

Happy customers need to be invited to write about their experiences. Since they’re happy, they will most likely joyfully write when asked. With online marketing, timing can be everything. As soon as a business knows that their customer is satisfied, they should be asking for a positive review. The happier the customer is with their purchase, the more excitedly they will write, and the better it will be for the business.

Advertise with Facebook Posts and Twitter Tweets

Better yet, make a contest out of reviews. Create a Facebook post that says something like, “Leave us a review! Once we get 100 reviews, we will be giving away a free gift!” Most people don’t love spending their valuable time writing online reviews, but is there any person who won’t want to win a free gift? Be sure to keep up-to-date and to follow through with the promise of a gift by actually giving one.

Make the Request a Permanent Part of the Website

At some point, customers are going to end up at the business’ website. If on every page of the website there is a “review request,” then the chance of someone writing a review is higher. Another way to make the request would be to have a pop-up advertisement that could link to the review website. Don’t do this on every page of the website though, as it could quickly become really annoying.

End Each Email with a Friendly Request

Again, people just need a little encouragement to take the next step and write a review. Firstly, the customer needs to know that the business wants a review. Secondly, the customer needs to know where to go and what is expected of them.

Looking for a review? Let the customer know why it’s important and how they can help. Guide the customer to the review website by completing each email to them with a friendly request for them to write about their product experience. Include a link that they can click on with ease, and thank them for their participation in helping the business to provide even better service in the future.

Make the review request a part of everyday business dealings: incorporating the request at the end of each email, on the sidebar of a website, or in the header of a Facebook page, are all great ways to attract attention and get more online reviews. Make it simple, and always remember to thank the customer!

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