Forgetting The Fear: Asking For Customer Feedback

The world of consumer feedback can be a scary place. When you leave that kind of responsibility and power in the hands of consumers, especially as it directly relates to and affects your business; you’re not in the wrong to be a little nervous and off put by the idea of proactively collecting consumer feedback. You may also be thinking, ‘Hey, it’s 2018, I don’t need to ask for consumer feedback because it’ll just show up on Yelp, and that is good enough for me’. In that, you’re absolutely correct that yes, if you’re not out there collecting your own reviews before they hit third party review sites like Yelp, consumers will definitely go to one of those sites to leave their feedback if they feel so inclined.

Here’s the thing: an inclined consumer is either your greatest friend or largest foe. On one hand, you could be getting praised in their review on a third party review platform. In that case, no harm; no foul. But there’s an entire other side of the argument to consider, and that’s if the consumer had a less-than-ideal experience with your business or brand in any type of way. In this situation, hearing about a consumer issue regarding your business on a third party platform for the first time is potentially damaging to your image, and to business in general.

How do you combat the double edge sword that is third party review sites? The answer isn’t as elaborate as you may think. In fact, the power is fully in your hands and at the tips of your fingers. When it comes to consumer feedback, good or bad, it’s best practice to proactively seek out feedback from consumers who have encountered your business in one way or another soon after they’ve experienced your business or brand in some way. In that lies your answer: proactively seek out consumer feedback on your own.

We get it: you’re busy, and when it comes to running a business, the last thing on your mind is additional efforts to reach out to your customers one by one; just to maybe hear back from a handful of those you reach out to. Here’s the catch: with the rise of digital and automation comes the creation of companies that exist solely just to take the work out of consumer feedback acquisition for you and your business. Regardless of the size of your company, there’s another company that can handle the day-to-day request for and collection of online reviews for you.

Due to the existence of such online reputation management companies, the fear you may have of asking for customer feedback gets diminished, as these companies have worked tirelessly for years to create a platform that takes the work out of reputation management for you. Not only do companies such as ReviewPush make it easy for you to monitor reviews coming in on various platforms, it makes asking for feedback a breeze; taking out the need for any awkward conversations. Once again, we’re in the digital age, and with that comes the use of inventive technologies. Instead of reminding your employees throughout the day to ask each customer for their feedback in person, leaving it up to their memory alone to get them to their computer whenever they make it home; you can take advantage of an online reputation management software’s platform to digitize this process.

Take ReviewPush, for example: when a company is using the platform, they have the ability to send off feedback requests directly to the email inboxes of customers who have recently come into contact with your company. This allows your business to collect it’s own feedback, potentially saving you from the adverse effects of a negative review on a third party site. When you actively seek out the feedback through the digital means that consumers utilize frequently on a daily — such as via text message or email — you’re empowering them and respecting their time. By not being too in-their-face, you’re more likely to receive honest and thought-out feedback.

You may be wondering what the value is in collecting your own feedback outside of a third party site, and that curiosity is valid; so we’ll break it down further for you. By taking this proactive approach; by throwing away any fear of negative feedback; you’re opening up a direct line of communication with your customers, showing them you’re more than just a business concerned with making money; you’re a business full of real people that care. When you seek out your own feedback rather than waiting for it to come to you, you’re able to confront any issues with your staff or business as a whole before they hit any major third party sites, and before another customer has a similar experience.

These days, how a customer experiences your business or brand is what will define your business and it’s longevity in today’s marketplace. It’s dire to remember that one customer’s experience being broadcasted across the web can and will directly affect the success of your business. Online reviews are today’s word-of-mouth, and if you’re not in a good standing online, your business will be directly impacted.

If you’re ready to start putting your customers first, we’re here to help. Working with local businesses to corporate agencies and everything in between, ReviewPush makes sure to put your online reputation first. Getting started is free and easy; what are you waiting for?

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