Feedback-Driven Marketing and Why You Need It, Now

All we’ve been reading about since the beginning of the year is customer experience and the immense value behind it. What many have failed to vocalize about the customer experience is that you cannot just make miscellaneous changes to your store, product, dealership or restaurant on a whim or an assumption.

How can you and your team redefine and enhance the experience your customers are having with your business if you have not yet zoomed out on what you think and zoom in on consumer’s honest feedback — both positive and negative. This is why ReviewPush exists; to help you easily gather the feedback so that you can make calculated adjustments to your current plan and strategy.

Not only does collecting feedback enable you to accurately calculate logistical changes to make. Here, the key focus will be on righting any wrongs specifically pointed out through customer’s feedback, and capitalizing on the aspects you’ve been praised for.

Collecting customer feedback takes more than simply asking for reviews and taking a pick-and-choose approach as to where to apply this feedback and what parts of it to ignore. Feedback can be used in more ways than just simply to better your company, product or team engagement. Feedback-driven marketing is a strategy that is rarely utilized in the right way and often times is not in place long enough to be effective. Yet, by putting your online reputation in the spotlight, you’re not only engaging with your customers — something essential for any business in 2019 — but are also helping your rankings on search engines.

By having recent reviews on various sites, especially on Google Reviews, you’re optimizing your visibility. Sites like Google and Yelp look for validity and timeframe when it comes to optimizing their reviews. By having recent reviews of your business visible, you’re opening up the door that many may not have known existed to learning about who you are and what you can do for those consumers. In a way, ensuring you have a flow of feedback coming in on some sort of consistent (but spaced out) basis is a marketing effort all in it’s own.

Since feedback and various reviews, some with specific keywords relative to one’s experience, will be coming in on a consistent basis, you’ll have extremely up-to-date reviews, and those are ones consumers are looking for and judging more heavily against. In a survey conducted by ReviewPush, we found that roughly 66% of those surveyed prefer product and business reviews that are less than one month old. With that in mind, it’s crucial to ensure you’re doing outreach, something that can be automated by using ReviewPush within the client dashboard. This all helps you stay up to date with how customers are interacting with your product while showcasing recent reviews via search.

Additionally, you can repurpose any and all forms of feedback to be used as marketing and promotional collateral. These are free and open to the public opinions; ones that can be utilized by you, the business they’re related to. If one of your employees got a shout out, you can create in instagram post giving them the recognition they deserve. By doing this, you aren’t only advertising your customer service and attentiveness to the customer, but also giving your employees the sense of belonging that so many companies disregard.

By sharing feedback in the form of a social meme or even digging deeper and creating success stories based off of stellar experiences, you’re enhancing your bond with those who support your product or business, and those who make it what it is behind the scenes. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, eCommerce or SaaS; feedback is the driving force behind your business’s success, and it’s something ReviewPush can’t wait to help you gain.

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