Facebook Launches Food Delivery Option with Multiple Partners

Courtesy of Facebook

Online ordering is having a moment, in case you haven’t noticed. With apps like Texas-native Favor to Uber Eats, your favorite restaurants are now at the tips of your fingers at most times of day. If you’ve never used either of these platforms, you may want to get acquired to the use of online ordering.

One of the world’s leaders in the social media realm has rolled out online ordering from their messenger platform. No double take needed; Facebook has now enabled online ordering directly within their platform, turning a page in the world of mobile ordering.

This decision to roll out online food delivery or pick-up comes from users familiarity with the Facebook platform in terms of utilizing it in order to find the best restaurants in their area, and also to find reviews on various restaurants in their area. By implementing this system within their familiar platform, Facebook has lessened the learning curve for it’s users; allowing them to easily access the ordering platform directly from the platform itself.

In order to carry out these requests, Facebook is utilizing the likings of EatStreet, Delivery.com, DoorDash, ChowNow and Olo amongst other organizations to carry out and fulfill these order requests. There are also select restaurants such as Five Guys and Panera that will offer their services for ease of access to Facebook users and outside consumers alike.

Food Search

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Courtesy of Facebook

To browse nearby restaurants, simply go to the Explore menu and click on the ‘Order food’ section. Here, you will be prompted to scroll through lists and pages of nearby and other local restaurants that you can order from. If the restaurant of your choice offers either delivery or pick up and you have an account with Doordash or Delivery.com, you will simply be asked to login to your account, without ever having to leave the Facebook platform.

This current update has been tested for over a year and is rolling out everywhere across the United States, with access being granted via iOS, Android and desktop. With the help of online ordering from Facebook, getting the food you want from the restaurant’s you love has never been simpler.

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