The Case for Case Studies: Why Your Business Needs Them

Case Studies Defined

Case studies are similar to testimonials in that they provide audiences with an account of previous customer experiences with the brand; however case studies generally include more quantitative data in them as well. Testimonials are typically basic interviews that function as little more than positive reviews. Case studies are more in-depth and concern the entire process that the customer went through from beginning to end.

Basically, it’s a depiction of their buyer journey and how your business helped to fulfill their needs. This allows for an element of storytelling that’s much more engaging, as well as be informative with various data points and infographics.

Benefits of Case Studies

Case studies are powerful marketing tools. They tell your potential customers relatable stories, demonstrate your company’s success, and help you build credibility. Case studies will help you reach your audience in a way that no sales pitch, email, newsletter, or advertisement will. There are a number of benefits to case studies, but the three primary contributions that a case study could bring to your business are the following:

Builds brand trust which is a huge asset to reputation management.

If your company made such a positive impact on a customer that they want to share their experience with others, why not broadcast that story? Oftentimes when customers are researching businesses, they will look up online reviews, recommendations and case studies as well to see how effective that company’s product or service is. 

Build trust with your customers with the valuable information that you can present within a case study. Case studies often encompass social proof, product overviews and sometimes even testimonials that your sales and marketing team can utilize to bolster your brand.

Provides data on the helpfulness of your business to potential clients.

Case studies generally include data in a variety of forms. Take for example our case study with Cell Phone Repair. The exponential results our customer has seen utilizing our service includes the following:

  • 700% increase in network reviews over a year
  • 250,000 unique site visits per month
  • 21% increase in revenue per store over previous years

Having data like that present in a case study can give individuals researching your business a better picture of the success they can attain with your product or service.

Engages leads through storytelling.

Storytelling and marketing go hand in hand. If content creators can capitalize on this innate need for community, intimacy, and storytelling and understand how to persuade consumers by applying experiential and emotional storytelling into their marketing campaigns, they’ll soon find that their target audiences are more engaged and receptive to their content.

Case studies are success stories that create a visual of the results of working with your company for prospective clients. A great case study can boost customer confidence in your business by providing a path to a solution, educating prospective customers on how they can solve their own problems with your help.

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