Battle of the Brands – Chili’s vs. Applebee’s

ReviewPush places Applebee’s and Chili’s head to head in a five round Battle of The Brands. The Battle of The Brands infographic displays a visual of detailed information on two major chain restaurants in North America. The purpose of the infographic is to display the importance of online reviews and how online reviews create an image for brands. The data was collected from Yelp and Google review databases for 100 random locations per brand from the past 5 years. Each round in the infographic is significant in representing different qualities of online reviews and express the importance on managing a brands online presence.

Round 1: Round one displays the total overall rating for 100 random locations from Yelp and Google. This data portrays the satisfaction of customers and their experience with the brand as a total not independent from a single location.

Round 2: Round two displays the total number of reviews that is broken down from Yelp and Google. The data collected for this round is significant because it shows the influence that Google has on both brands online reviews. Applebee’s received twice as many reviews from Google than Yelp and Chili’s received almost 75% more reviews on Google.

Round 3: Round three provides the total review sentiment breakdown for all reviews. This data point is important because it displays the percentage of negative reviews (anything below three stars), neutral reviews (any review with a three star rating), and positive reviews (any review with more than three stars).

Round 4: Round four presents the best month of the year for reviews over the past year and the highest monthly average.

Round 5: The final round displays the single location with the most reviews as well as the single location with the best average rating for the past 5 years.

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