How to Add a GIF Image to Your Google Plus Local Page

Your business profiles play an important role in bringing in new customers. In today’s digital world, many prospective customers head straight to Google to find local businesses. So your Google+ Local page is especially important. Make it stand out by adding an animated GIF cover photo.

Create a customized GIF or find one to display on the cover of your Google+ Local page. Engage your customers by using an image that highlights your key attributes. Or choose a fun image to entertain your customers. Check out ours below. (please click image to see GIF)


After logging in to your Google account, visit Click Manage This Page, then hover over the lefthand menu to select Google+ Page. Place your cursor over the cover photo to edit it. Upload your GIF image.

Other review sites, like Yelp and Facebook, will not allow you to add GIF images to your profile. Not many Google+ users are aware of this ability either. Be a step above the rest with a cool GIF cover photo.

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