3 Simple Ways to Win Over Customer Praises & Feedback

To put it simply, feedback is just another term for effective listening. Consumers not only crave authenticity, but they also appreciate knowing that their voice is being heard. Your consumers will know that you value them when you acknowledge their service requests, complaints, and positive responses. Moreover, requesting feedback through a first-party landing page creates a safe place where responses can be given. 

Blockbuster is a perfect example of a company that did not keep their finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry in terms of how people were spending their time with it. They failed to modify their practices accordingly, which in turn had a negative impact on their company. Unfortunately, not receiving what your clients think of your business is a fast way to becoming irrelevant.

It’s important to not allow history to repeat itself. So let’s take note from Blockbuster and move forward with our best efforts to improve our feedback request strategy. Here are three tips to win over your customers’ praises and constructive feedback:

Top 3 Tips When Asking For Online Reviews

Ask at points of highest customer satisfaction

It is important to request these reviews when your customer is happiest with your product or service. Nobody wants to rave about how great your business is if they’ve just finished complaining about your product or service. 

Within our dashboard, you can prompt satisfied customers to leave you a glowing, positive review. Once prompted, customers can provide you with their feedback on our internal review system – only visible to you and your team. Your customers can then share their experiences on 3rd party review sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more!

Make requests in a timely manner

In the same vein of “striking while the iron is hot,” stay at the top of your client’s mind by asking for a review immediately after the transaction (while they’re most excited about your business). When your business is “top of mind”, your customers are more likely to provide satisfied reviews or constructive feedback to your business.

Ask for feedback so that you can help if they are unhappy

Asking for “feedback” instead of a review is much less intimidating to the customer. Plus, if they’re sour about their experience with you, you’d much rather alleviate any issues first before having them post a poor review about your company. 

It is inevitable that your company will have to deal with negative feedback at some point. Negative feedback is generally rooted from a poor customer experience of some sort. Our advice is to always tune your ear to what your customers have to say so that you can be aware of how you can improve your offer, service, or product. Also, asking for feedback shows you care about their experience. 

How Email Templates & Automating Your Requests Makes Everything Easier

ReviewPush offers a wide range of tools that can expedite your review response process. The features our service offers include new review notifications, customizable review response templates, offline review requests and more.

In fact, by utilizing these review management tools, our customer Cell Phone Repair saw a 700% increase in customer reviews. They were able to automatically request customer reviews directly from customers by email after a transaction to gather feedback before they left reviews on 3rd-party review sites. Plus, they were able to respond to customer reviews and receive approval to publish the review response, all within the ReviewPush dashboard. 

Using review tools like the ones ReviewPush has available can help your team respond to feedback in a timely manner with ease. As the saying goes: work smarter not harder!

At any level, humans value to be heard and acknowledged. Your customers are ultimately the foundation of your company’s community. Champion them so that they become ambassadors for your business and customer service. Instead of a vacuum, foster a space where your clients can become your biggest fans.

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