3 Ways To Protect Your Brand in 2018

In a world where brands are everywhere you look, standing out can be difficult, and maintaining a good standing in the eyes of society can be an even grander task. First of all, crafting up a brand in today’s digital world requires various steps and countless hours of invigorating planning. For up-and-coming business owners, the fear of failure along with the risk of putting themselves out there in a new, innovative and enticing way can be immobilizing. Then when you think about the plethora of online review platforms scattered amongst the web; you may start doubting your decision to start and manage a brand.

However, with the growing number of brands popping up globally comes a growing network of valuable resources teaching and guiding new business owners tricks of the trade. By learning from others mistakes, you can set your brand up for success, and protect that success with ease. Ensuring your brand is in good standing online is only half of the battle. The best place to start when it comes to protecting your brand is with an online reputation management software such as ReviewPush to help monitor your brand’s online activity all around the world.

But what do you do once you’ve signed up with an online reputation monitoring software? The answer is simple: you start utilizing it — heavily — in every way possible. You may be asking yourself, “Lee, what does that mean? What does that entail?” If you find yourself in this or a similar position, wondering where to go and what to do in the world of online reputation management; search no further. There are three simple moves your brand can make to ensure you’re protected from all angles at all hours of the day.

1.Respond Promptly

No matter the platform you’re being contacted on or discussed within, it’s best practice to respond as quickly as you can. This not only shows that you value your business and your customers, but responding promptly shows that your brand is listening; something crucial in the eyes of consumers. If you receive a negative review, responding as soon as it comes in is commonly known as best practice for protecting your brand, as you can confront any issues and resolve any complications before they get out of hand.

2.Utilize Thought Leadership

With so many versatile platforms, it’s very plausible to become a thought leader in your field; and others, too. By continuously creating positive content for consumers and like-minded businesses to intake and digest, you’re setting yourself apart as a leader in your field, and open the door for more business opportunities. When you simply and clearly articulate the benefits of the craft you’ve honed in on for years, it’s going to not only be well-received by a diverse group of readers; it will also put you ahead of your competition while ensuring your brand’s content is enforcing your brand’s reputation. By opening up the door to thought leadership, you’re able to answer the questions and concerns within your industry and amongst consumers who are interested in investing in your business. This is also a great place to utilize search engine optimization(SEO) by tagging thought pieces with vital keywords. You’ll be benefiting your SEO ranking all the while setting the groundwork to become a powerhouse in your, and various other, vertical(s).

3. Be Active On Social

The key with social is engagement — always. Throughout the various social platforms that exist, social media is one of the easiest ways to engage with the community you serve and catch the attention of potential clients. This creates brand awareness while also showcasing your brand in the best possible light. People like brands they can rely on, and that applies to social media, as well. If a consumer has a question regarding your business, they’re likely going to seek you out on social media and look for an answer, or ask you for one. If you’re not monitoring your social channels, you could miss out on golden opportunities for new business, or even a chance to right a wrong before consumers head to a review site to talk about their experience with the rest of the world. Listen — I get it. Managing your social media accounts may be low on your priority list as a business owner, but with tools such as SproutSocial, Buffer and HootSuite,  you can schedule out posts to multiple social channels weeks or months in advance; so there’s really no excuse to neglecting social media. Even better: hire someone for the sole purpose of managing social media. Anyone who has worked with social media knows there are enough aspects in it to make it a job of its own, hence why companies have begun hiring social media and community managers.

Brand management and reputation monitoring can seem disconcerting, but with the right approach and the consumers’ best interest in mind, you’ll form a profitable and successful brand in the public eye in no time. Sometimes, you need a little extra help. For times like this, ReviewPush is here for you, your company, your customers and ultimately: your brand.

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