Forecasted Online Reputation Trends for 2021

The digital landscape is ever changing. Often, the virtual changes we see are direct results of actual shifts in our society, culture and even environment. 2020 definitely checks all three of these categories of change, so the question is, how will these changes affect 2021? That is obviously an enormously nuanced question, however, based on all of the changes in the online reputation environment in 2020, there have been some quite intriguing trends that will be crucial moving into a brand new year.

So here they are! The top 3 trends for online reputation management in 2021:

Great Cause Partnerships

The truth is, that most people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. As humans, we desire to help those in need, encourage the downtrodden, and support a cause that seeks to do good. Not only is it good for us as individuals to help where we can, but it is exponentially beneficial to your business as well. In 2020, countless companies have partnered with non-profit organizations to spread awareness regarding social change, health tips and social distancing, as well as environmental concerns. So many people have been adversely affected by events of this year and it is so clear that there are endless opportunities to give aid. These benevolent partnerships can not only boost your reputation, but actually encourage new clients to seek you out.

Client to Brand Ambassador Conversion

Joining forces with high profile influencers is always plus when it comes to your online reputation but there is another group of influencers that numerous companies are beginning to utilize. Your very own customers can in fact prove to be just as, if not more effective brand ambassadors. In order to do this it is vitally important to engage with your clientele i.e. responding to reviews, posts, and emails. By developing close relationships with people who actually use your products or services, you can essentially recruit hundreds and even thousands of people who are actively using social media. One newer way companies are employing this technique is by asking their customers to produces shot testimonial videos for tik tok, youtube, and Instagram stories.

Reputation Monitoring

As mentioned in the previous point, reputation management tools are proving to be crucial moving into this new year. With continuing quarantine guidelines and social distancing protocol, consumers rely even more heavily on the reviews they can find online, when making purchasing decisions. By monitoring your online reputation you can more easily engage with customers. People don’t always expect to have their reviews be responded to regardless of if the review is negative or favorable. Also, with the platforms on which people can express their opinions ever growing, it can prove to be quite challenging to stay on top of all your reviews or comments. Review Push offers a robust review dashboard to simply give you access to all your online interactions and give you the accessibility to respond quickly.

With an ever changing digital landscape, it is monumental to stay up to date on the latest trends in online reputation management. By staying in tune with these changes, you can maximize your online influence, ultimately resulting in greater ROI.

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